Auto/Truck Collisions

Members of our firm have tried over 60 automobile and truck collision cases to verdict since 1985.  We have represented both injured Plaintiffs and Defendants in this arena for many, many years, and we feel that we have vast experience in the judicial requirements for processing of personal injury claims in all Colorado and Wyoming Courts of Law.  We have represented clients involved in recreational and motor coach incidents, as well as, clients involved in multiple car and large truck collisions, often involving many parties and claimants.  This appears to be a fact of life on Colorado and Wyoming roads affected by sudden adverse weather conditions.  We have participated in complicated cause investigations, in finding and dividing probable fault, and in the assessment of injury claims made.


Our firm has expertise and experience in the particular regulatory requirements in the trucking industry, including an understanding of Interstate Commerce Commission  driving and load requirements, and we have represented clients when these issues occur in collision events.

Members of our firm have presented evidence and bench (no jury) and jury trials on these issues in a majority of northern Colorado Districts, in most Wyoming Districts and in both U.S. District Courts for Colorado and Wyoming.  We maintain compliance with all pretrial court rules for each court, and we aim to move litigated cases along wherever possible to ease client costs and fees.

Our firm can also consult with you regarding the potential value of a personal injury claim made by, or against you, and provide you with roadmap estimates of time and expected costs and fees needed to obtain a court or pre-trial result.  Our extensive experience in mediation representation can aid your situation by providing you with similar case examples to help you make your claim decisions as early as possible.

Our firm welcomes your contact in any situation where you, or someone else must contemplate entering litigation resulting from automobile or truck incidents in Colorado or Wyoming.