Insurance Coverage Disputes

Not many issues are more frustrating than trying to determine why your accident, fire, or health insurance company will not pay a claim benefit that you feel you paid for.  Most often, an insurance policy is purchased before a consumer has any reason to consider claim procedures and/or the details and limitations associated with “Perils” or “Occurrences” that may qualify for payment.  In addition, most insurance policies are written in such a way as to make understanding them very difficult, require experienced eyes to compare and couple different important clauses, exclusions and conditions, and are printed on a generalized form which is customized to the consumer’s coverage only with still-separate documents that must be considered together.

Our firm’s many years of experience includes deciphering confusing insurance documents for application to specific facts, and to determine if the insurer is legally liable to provide benefits to its paying customer, or to a third party making claims against the policyholder.  Lawyers in our firm have been involved in insurance coverage analysis long enough to see the cyclical and emerging trends and changes to insurance language which greatly affect outcomes of individual claims, and we can help you to more quickly determine if an insurer should make payment.  Our firm can also assist you through the process of making a viable insurance claim, aid you in negotiation with insurer representatives and lawyers, and perform the necessary legal research and trial representation that may become necessary.