Landlord-Tenant Leases

Let us help you write your properties lease agreement.

Our firm has assisted many lessors (owners) of real estate property (Land, Residences, and Apartments), to document the rental arrangements of property and/or housing units, with tenants for short and long terms.  Our firm can provide selected and adjustable written lease documents that will clearly define the rights and obligations of the Landlord and Tenant, can aid in the preservation of the premises leased, and provide process for resolution of lease and property disputes, including eviction and tenant’s rights.

Our firm can also provide clear and workable lease language addressing commonly encountered issues, including breach of lease, breach of implied covenants applied to each leasehold agreement, and retention and reimbursement of security deposits at the end or termination of the lease term.  We have represented the interests of tenants and property owners in numerous cases, and we have assisted the parties most often in the resolution of their dispute without court intervention.  This experience is of great value in that we can use this history to draft lease agreement language designed to avoid those pitfalls and the related litigation by careful lease drafting.

If you have a need for workable commercial or residential real estate lease agreement documents, please consider contacting us before entering into the leasehold tenancy.  If you need assistance in understanding the legal effects of lease documents presented, and especially in situations of confusing and/or hidden dangers imposed by oppressive language, please contact us.  If you become involved with any dispute over the interpretation of lease language, or wish to avoid pitfalls with revision to your existing lease or rental agreement documents, we can provide valuable assistance with lease review as well.