Last Will and Testament

The Last Will is the cornerstone of any persons estate plan in most instances.  Although Colorado and Wyoming statutes provide rules for the distribution of one’s real and personal property after one dies, we strongly urge each person to personally and purposefully set forth their own after-death directives in a Last Will and Testament.  This instrument provides clear directions on who, how, and where one’s estate will be settled and distributed, and it unburdens remaining family members from many probate difficulties later.

Our firm provides several adjustable Last Will and Testament packages, at reasonable cost, and including drafting of appropriate adjoining documents, such as Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and Trusts, all within the bundled cost of our services.  We also ensure that these documents are properly executed and distributed for use when your family might otherwise wish to address these legal matters for the first time.  Last Wills and other related estate planning documents will also help you avoid expensive and time consuming court probate issues, and our consultation services include advice on methods to avoid probate and potential taxation of your assets after death.

Today, a person can purchase an internet marketed Last Will at little cost.  The difference between that choice and our firm's service is that we will counsel you as to the probable application (or avoidance) of your Last Will wishes, and educate you about the potential that the one-size-fits-most internet version will fail your expectations when it is most important, and after you have lost the ability to express your desires for your beneficiaries.  Our firm provides both the documents and the service for full understanding and later operation upon your wishes.