Living Wills

Declarations of Medical or Surgical Treatment, commonly known as “Living Wills,” are documents which empower an incapacitated person to direct what should happen to him/her when all medical or surgical treatment is medically futile, and will not return function.  Living Wills are executed before a person becomes comatose, or otherwise unable to make his/her own decisions about further medical or surgical care, or end of life decisions.  Living Wills are intended to direct family and medical personnel about a person’s wishes when recovery is virtually impossible.

A Declaration of Medical or Surgical Treatment becomes effective only after medical consultants have determined and reported that medicine or procedures cannot improve the incapacitated person’s condition, and when the patient is often alive only with the assistance of medical equipment and nourishment.  The Declaration provides pre-determined authority to the family and medical staff, on how an incapacitated person wishes to proceed (when he/she cannot express those wishes at the time of need).

Declarations of Medical or Surgical Treatment are most often a gift to family members by relieving them of the agonizing decision of whether to withhold nourishment and artificial life support for incapacitated loved ones.

The production of Declarations of Medical or Surgical Treatment is a simple process.  Please contact us if you wish to supply this type of instructional document for your family members and medical providers.