Mediation Services

Civil dispute resolution in Courts of Law has become an expensive process when parties must try their differences.  Court filings, procedures and disclosures have become mandatory for parties, with increasing expense, and attorneys must complete these required tasks within a timetable specified by the presiding judge, and then wait months for their trial result.  More often than not, the aggrieved party and the defendant get trapped in time consuming, frustrating and expensive “procedure” that can exceed the monetary amounts actually in dispute.  Mediation answers the question:

“How to I resolve my dispute without going to court?"

Mediation before lawsuit commencement (or within a lawsuit, as ordered by a judge) is cost effective way to resolve many civil disputes.  

Mediation is a process wherein all parties submit confidential position statements and important exhibits to a paid neutral and experienced person, who later meets with all parties at a scheduled date to informally hear the dispute and to facilitate negotiations and compromise.  

The parties agree on the retention of the mediator beforehand, and disputes are most often resolved in one day or less.  

Most dispute mediation is non-binding. However, a successful mediated dispute ends with a written settlement agreement after confidential mediator assessment of their case during orderly negotiation. This less-complicated process avoids the escalating costs and uncertainty of civil trials, and promotes a result in which the parties actually participate in, and control by themselves.

Our firm has been involved in hundreds of mediated results over the past 30 years, and we offer that experience to the public.  Our firm has assisted clients in advocating for their best result in the mediation arena.  Additionally, James D. Bramer has offered his experience, legal training and people skills as a neutral mediator for the disputes of others.   Our firm offers its services to attorneys and parties to facilitate and to resolve personal injury, property damage, real estate, construction contract, construction defect, and domestic relations disputes in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

If you are an individual or business in need of mediation help and/or if you are an attorney needing a neutral mediator for your dispute, Please call us !