Powers of Attorney

     A person has the right to designate another person to make official decisions by use of Powers of Attorney.   Powers of Attorney (“POAs”) are legal documents in which the conveying “principal” selects one or more “agent(s)” to perform specified assigned tasks.

     POAs can be drawn up for any temporary or permanent tasks to be done by a trusted agent. For example, temporary control of one’s financial transactions are often appropriate when a real estate sale must be concluded in the person’s physical absence and inability to personally sign documents. 

     POAs are most often needed in estate planning, where a person provides conditional, and later effective permission to another to make his/her medical or financial decisions during incapacity.  Our firm can tailor simple and/or complex principal-agent documents for medical, business, and financial powers of attorney at a very reasonable cost.  Please contact us with your specific power of attorney needs, and we can draft appropriate documents, as well as, assist you with the proper execution and distribution of these important powers.