Commercial Disputes

The pace of commerce today produces more friction than in earlier years. Although it survives, the "handshake" commercial agreement is often the source of later disputes, misunderstandings and can result in adversarial and multi-party lawsuits. These cases are difficult, especially in commerce involving many parties, interfacing technological issues, and reliance upon one party's performance and quality to complete another party's own contract performance.


Our firm has been involved in many commercial dispute situations that are initially difficult to resolve, are pressurized by performance deadlines, which delay other business obligations, present finance issues, and which foretell a potential for large attorney's fees to resolve when litigation commences. Our firm's aim is dedicated to early understanding of the dispute issues, of the party motivations and personalities, and to strive to find an efficient, bottom-line observant, result.


We welcome and promote creative, cost-saving ideas among litigants to find cost-effective compromise resolution so that your business can get back to what it does best, and stay out of the courtroom. If circumstances do not allow for this practical settlement, we take pride in laying forth your options to allow for your principle-versus-economic business decisions, and we do not just push paper—we prepare your best prosecution and/or defense through trial, if necessary.