Construction Contract Review

Beyond the hard work you put into your work product and reputation, the task of getting fully paid remains. When payment and project completion disputes arise, contractors find themselves in a bind between ongoing projects and contract enforcement. Some forethought and prevention can avoid many/most of the pitfalls of a project gone bad, and can keep you doing what you intended to do when you entered into a contract agreement.

Our firm often becomes involved in a construction contract dispute after contracts are signed and the performance by one part goes awry. Then, the client is bound by the contract language (or lack thereof), and ultimate payment for your efforts are often compromised, or lost---all after expensive litigation costs are expended. We see the need for preventative contract documentation to avoid "the mess", and we have developed a low cost review package to offer help to the small/medium sized contractor.

BramerLegal can meet with you to review your contract/subcontract documents to determine if they meet your needs and whether they protect your business from dispute revenue loss. Most often, a discussion and contract review can assist you with suggested changes/additions to your contract documents to avoid disputes, lien prosecution and litigation costs which cut into your profits. At the bottom line, we can help you develop workable and enforceable contract documents that enhance business ability to get paid efficiently and in a timely fashion.

BramerLegal also offers a tailored low cost package of basic contract documents, change orders, and other related paperwork that can help you clearly define your offered services, payments required, progress payment schedules and relate tools to help your business get paid faster. Coupled with a short consultation to learn of your particular needs, our firm can tailor documents to cover a wide range of your anticipated contract situations, and in the end, actually save your business time and money.

If your contracting business experiences delays, disputes and cash flow problems due to ambiguous or inadequate legal contract documents, please consider calling us to set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss what we can do for your business, without long and expensive consequences of delay.