Insurance Litigation

James Bramer began his quasi-legal career in 1980 as a claims representative and claims supervisor with Safeco Insurance Company in Southern California. After progressing from claims adjustment in Los Angeles County's more challenging neighborhoods, Mr. Bramer became a claims supervisor and adjunct investigator for the insurer's in-house legal defense team. From that role, Mr. Bramer entered law training in Washington State, and began his litigation career in Fort Collins in 1985. Wesley T. Feil joined Mr. Bramer in the practice in 2014, adding his insight and experience to the litigation practice and allowing the firm to expand its reach to clients in western Nebraska and Wyoming as well.


In the last 30+ years, lawyers in our firm have represented hundreds of clients in personal injury, property damage and construction disputes, and have worked with over 25 insurers to resolve and/or try claims disputes in Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and now western Nebraska. Along the way, the firm has gained vast experience and insight in insurance contract interpretation, coverage disputes, instances of claimed insurer bad faith, resulting in litigation, trial resolution and appeals. Our firm believes that this noted experience gives us a great understanding of insurer procedures, requirements and on-the-battlefield understanding of how these disputes are best resolved. Additionally, our firm's experience in this area enhances our ability to represent injured and aggrieved persons, and to assist them in obtaining fair compensation for real injuries.


Our firm welcomes inquiries from regional and national insurers to explore our litigation history, and to discuss possible representation of its insureds in Colorado and Wyoming courts. Our firm also welcomes inquiries from persons involved in automobile, motorcycle and truck accidents resulting in injury and/or death.