Construction Defects

Construction of Residential and Commercial buildings produce rare, but serious claims that a contractor (or his/her subcontractors), failed to properly construct building components, resulting in damages, loss of building utility and loss of property value.  Unfortunately, our firm’s service area has seen a heightened number of construction defect claims, lawsuits, and trials caused by expansive soils and their effect upon building foundations.

Our firm has many years of experience representing home and business owners, plus contractors, suppliers, and related construction professionals for, and against, litigated issues of construction adequacy and defects.  This area of the law is heavily governed by changing statutory and case law principles, and our firm has navigated many multi-party Colorado and Wyoming lawsuits focused on the liability for alleged and actual building defects.  Our firm has represented many clients through their individual general liability insurance coverage.  We have represented many home and business owners, and uninsured general and subcontractors in this technical arena.

If you are a construction related person or company that encounters a construction defect related conflict, we advise you to seek legal counsel early to avoid recurring pitfalls that can adversely affect your fortunes at a trial.  Our firm stands ready to assist clients, or non-litigation attorneys with similarly affected clients, to represent their interests in resolving construction defect claims quickly. 

Claims related to construction defects are time sensitive, by statute, so it is very important to seek appropriate technical and legal advice when notice of defect related damage arise.