Landlord-Tenant Diputes

Commercial and residential property leases can produce some aggravating disputes, with difficult resolutions.  Our firm has, and can represent the landlord who must evict a tenant for leasehold breaches of the occupancy requirements, for non-payment of rent when due, and for other safety related concerns.  Our firm can represent the landlord’s interests when a Forcible Entry and Detainer (“F.E.D.”), action must be commenced in the local county court for the return of property possession, and for payment of past due rent.  This process provides for an expedited eviction procedure that allows for early repossession, and for re-rental of the property at an earlier time.  Our firm can also handle the statutory notice and court hearing requirements in an efficient and expedited manner, and at a reasonable cost for representation.

We also represent tenants in “untenable” situations, such as excessive landlord breaches of quiet enjoyment of the leased property, landlord failure to provide agreed utilities and amenities, and where necessary, representation necessary to terminate the lease itself when breaches occur.  We assist tenant clients in the prompt and fair recovery of security deposit funds, and counsel tenants who contemplate lease agreements which may be oppressive to their later needs.

Our firm believes that most landlord versus tenant disputes can be resolved without litigation, and we strive to assist in repairing often strained communications, with focus on the problem and consultation for the solution.  Please contact us if you encounter any of the above-described common landlord-tenant issues.