Real Estate purchase/sale

The sale or purchase of real estate property requires a methodical process to ensure that the property exchange is legally binding.   Real Estate transfers are governed by the Statute of Frauds, requiring written agreements and proper recording of the transaction in county records.  The purchase and sale of real property usually requires party action, at specific times, and including attention to important property related safeguards and disclosures for, and from the seller and buyer.

Our firm can assist you in guiding residential and commercial real estate transactions within our service area, including those where real estate professionals assist, and also those where a buyer and/or seller seeks personal guidance to make sure the transaction is properly completed and recorded accurately.

Often, real estate transactions are complicated by recorded covenants and restrictions governing the use of the property.  Our firm has experience and training in the navigation of home owners association requirements and restrictive covenants, and we are happy to research and to explain these issues that will impact a buyer’s property uses.

We recommend legal representative involvement in any real estate transaction, and especially where the contract-to-closing process is presented by “for sale by owner” parties.  Our assistance can insure that a proper timetable is set, requirements met and required disclosures and recordings are completed by the time that the transaction is completed.  Our firm is ready to assist in this process, and for a reasonable fee.  Please contact us for your residential and commercial property transaction needs.